3 Day Notice

Here are some things to be aware of when preparing a 3-Day Notice:

  • Late fees or any other fees cannot be included unless it specifically states in the lease that such fees are deemed additional rent.
  • The Tenant must be given 3 days to pay the rent, excluding the day it was posted or delivered, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays.
  • The 3-Day Notice must include the landlord’s name, address and telephone number.
  • If a business address is being used that closes before midnight, the Tenant must be given 1 (one) extra day.
  • If the address used by the Landlord on the 3-Day Notice is outside the county where the eviction is being filed or a P.O. Box is being used, the Tenant must be given an additional 5 (five) days to allow for mailing.
  • If the landlord accepts any money from the Tenant at any time after the 3-Day Notice has been served or posted, a new 3-Day Notice must be posted.
  • The Law on 3-Day Notices is located in Chapter 83.56 Paragraph 3 of the Florida State Statutes.